DSH Corporate bookings

Many of the highly talented musicians and singers you see on the Hub are available for corporate entertainment bookings. Over at our sister site www.dshcorporate.com you can view some of the acts we represent.

All our performers have years of experience at the top of their game and bring talent, style and professionalism to any corporate event.


Create your own entertainment

Have a specific musical theme in mind for a corporate event but just can't find the right band?

Worry no more, we will create it for you. We know the corporate entertainment market and we know it's always looking for something fresh and new.

We pride ourselves on the calibre of musicians at the hub , we can play just about anything and play it brilliantly. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will craft the perfect entertainment solution for you and with you.


Pick up and touring bands

Many touring artists find it far more financially viable to use different bands on different continents. If you are a touring artist or a manager or agent in need of a highly professional pick up band just get in touch.We have such great and varied musicians here at the hub. Visit our Youtube Channel and we're sure you will agree. 

Bespoke Corporate Experiences

Ever wondered what it would be like to conduct your own Orchestra? With dshcorporate you can.

We are always looking for innovative ways to create the ultimate corporate experience. 

Our Dublin Studio Hub trad musicians join our vocalist Carol Keogh in performing a great version of "Anchors Away" .

We are Dublin Studio Hub