Dublin Studio Hub song competition

Frequently asked questions

When can I enter my songs?
The submission deadline is on June 1st, 2015. 

When will the results be announced?
The winner of the contest will be announced by July 1st, 2015. 

Do I lose ownership of my song?
No! Dublin Studio Hub will never ask nor expect any rights to your material. All entries will remain 100% property of the songwriter.

Are international entries accepted?
Yes! We accept entries from anywhere in the world.

Are lyrics required for audio entries?
If the song has lyrics then lyrics must be submitted via our entry form

What if I have a poor recording?
Poor recordings do not affect your chances of winning the contest. As long as your songwriting ability can be discerned, you can enter a simple home or live recording. Production quality and vocal ability is NEVER taken into consideration when determining the winners. Only the actual "songwriting" is considered.

Can I enter a song with vocals only (No Music)?

Will I get a record or publishing deal?
We can not guarantee that you will get a record or publishing deal. However, we do connect you with those individuals and organizations who can make this happen. The "Winners" and "Finalists" will have their material forwarded on for further consideration. In addition Dublin Studio Hub may offer selected entrants a publishing deal.

How long can a song be?
You can enter a song at any length into the competition. There are no time restrictions.