Irish Traditional Musicians


A bodhran is a drum traditionally used in Irish music. It is believed by many that the bodhran is a descendant of ancient Celticwar drums. The bodhran consists of a circular wooden frame with a skin (or hide) stretched over it on one side. To play the bodhran, the drummer holds the instrument on one arm, with their hand touching the inside of the skin (this controls the tone), and the other hand holds a two-headed mallet (called a "tipper" or "cipin"). Occasionally, drummers play the bodhran with their hand instead of the tipper.

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Uilleann pipes

The uilleann pipes are distinguished from many other forms of bagpipes by their tone and wide range of notes – the chanter has a range of two full octaves, including sharps and flats – together with the unique blend of chanter, drones, and regulators.

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Irish Fiddle

The Irish fiddle is one of the most important instruments in the traditional repertoire of Irish music. The fiddle itself is identical to the violin, however it is played differently in widely varying regional styles.

Compared to classical violin, Irish fiddler tend to make little use of vibrato except for slow airs, and even then it is used relatively sparingly. Like the rest of Irish traditional music tradition, melodies are embellished through forms of ornamentation, such as rolls, trebles, and cuts, and notes are often slurred to create extra effect. Top quality Irish fiddle players are a rare breed and we have the best.

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