Custom recording with Dublin Studio Hub

Our packages include everything you need to produce a complete demo or Radio Quality release, all online, but there may come a time when you want to take it a step further and book studio time and immerse yourself completely in the recording process.

You may be fortunate enough to sign a Record or Production deal and if you do we are here, we are completely setup with world class recording facilities, producers and musicians. You may be an established act and have very definite ideas on how you would like to record. 

So what else do we do?

Making an Album?

Need something more?



  • Studio performance time
  • Multiple additional takes at the artists request
  • Detailed consultation with the producer on a take by take basis including mixing and editing
  • Constant face time and feedback from a Producer
  • Residential studio packages if required
  • Dublin Studio Hub musicians selected by you if required
  • Featured musicians, if available
  • Rough ( monitor ) mixes on a constant basis
  • Attended Mix and Master Sessions
  • Attended detailed pre-production sessions


Dublin Studio Hub has always had a Can Do attitude to recording, its always been about the Artist and creating a space in which the Artist feels free to express themselves and where the ultimate in creativity can happen.

If you would like more information about custom recording packages then please CONTACT US. We would be delighted to consult with you and tailor a package to suit whatever your needs might be. Our pricing will be very sharp.


We are Dublin Studio Hub