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Finbar Furey

Finbar Furey - Legendary Irish Folk Artist

Finbar Furey - Legendary Irish Folk Artist

Finbar Furey was born on 28 September 1946 in Dublin City, Ireland. A multi instrumental folk musician, Finbar is best known for his band of brothers The Fureys who were formed in Ballyfermot, Dublin where they grew up.

Finbar's well known musician father Ted started him on the Uilleann pipes while he was very young. By his teens he had won 3 All Ireland Medals, The Oireachtas, and many Feisanna - in fact he was the only piper ever to win the All Ireland, the Oireachtas medal and the 4 province titles in the same year.

Finbar popularized the pipes worldwide while on tour with his brother Eddie in the 1960's. In 1969, Finbar and Eddie began touring as backup musicians for the influential Irish folk group, The Clancy Brothers. Finbar played the pipes, as well as the banjo, tin whistle, and guitar with the group live, on television, and on recordings. The Furey brothers left the group the following year and began performing as a duo again. Many bands followed in their wake, but Finbar and Eddie were awarded best Single of the Year by John Peel in 1972 entirely because of the unique sound the Uilleann pipes and whistle made, in the context of what was, at that time, a modern pop sound. They received many other accolades because they were the spearhead of contemporary music of that time.

When the younger brothers Paul and George joined the fold, several years later, success and appeal remained as strong as ever and The Fureys soon reaped their reward and enjoyed a string of best selling records all over the world. These gems, with Finbar as lead singer of The Fureys, included When You Were Sweet Sixteen, Leaving Nancy, Tara Hill, Green Fields of France, Red Rose Café and The Lonesome Boatman. In Britain, they became one of the first Irish folk groups to play on Top of the Pops.

In 1997, after nearly thirty years as The Fureys’ front man, Finbar decided the time was right to follow his own path as a singer songwriter. He decided to step aside and pursue his solo career, to present his definitive one-man show and to explore new pastures as a singer, producer and writer.

Pat Coldrick

Pat Coldrick - Virtuoso classical guitarist

Pat Coldrick - Virtuoso classical guitarist

Pat is ultimately a classical guitarist but not in the sense that you or I think classical, he has taken this genre to another level altogether. While Pat plays his own great arrangements of modern pieces such as Desperado and Classical Gas, and huge classics like Asturias and Danza Paraguaya, the love songs like A Time For Us and Autumn Leaves, it is Pats own compositions that set him miles apart.


Pat’s skilful and atmospheric “connection” with his audience is an art form in itself. It is like no other classical performance in this country. His very easy going, laid back and unassuming approach, his interaction with his audience and his philosophy of “entertaining rather than educating” is a breath of fresh air. However it is easy to be misled by this approach as Pat starts to play, one can see the dedication, passion, skill, his deliverance of each piece, his superb ability as a player and performer. The ability to make us laugh and equally move us to tears.


“Well able to express himself through his music Pat Coldrick has released not only a soothing album but a truly talented album. The new album Cayendo proves that Pat can not only play an instrument but he is able to connect with the instrument. No matter what track you listen to whether it be Lament or Danza Parguaya You can distinctively hear Pat’s different styles of guitar playing.”

Kelly McGill- Editor and Chief MRU Magazine

Ray Fean

Ray Fean performs with Celtic Woman

Ray Fean performs with Celtic Woman

Ray Fean has been at the forefront of traditional Irish drumming for over 15 years. Although his backround was mainly in rock drumming Ray has always kept his traditional drum kit, Bodhran and percussion side alive.

As one of the leading session drummers in the country, Ray also became a much sought after touring musician; Traveling the world with such Luninaries as Riverdance,Celtic Woman,Donal Lunny/Coolfin and The Waterboys




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