How it works - Founder Larry Hogan explains the Dublin Studio Hub

We make your music sound awesome! Dublin Studio Hub is an online network of producers, session musicians, vocalists, and audio engineers who work out of two Dublin studios. Working via email and our online service or face-to-face in studio, we assist songwriters and artists who are seeking a professional song demo, track, or album. For demo production we take your song, which can be anything from you humming a tune and lyrics into your iPhone, right up to full sheet music and fully crafted songs, and we professionally record and produce it to RECORD LABEL standards. All done online! Read a detailed interview and profile of our demo service HERE at Songwriting Magazine UK

Working with you via email and our other online collaboration tools, you send us your material, your ideas, your lyrics, melodies, tracks if you have them, harmonies and chords (if you have them), and we work up a sketch before we start full production. Once you're happy with the sketch, we move to full recording with our musicians and then onto final mixing and mastering. It's easy. Our producers are friendly and have the skills, patience and ability to work with the most demanding musicians, or the newest novice songwriters.  Click Here to see WHAT OUR CUSTOMER SAY about us.

Of course we can incorporate your own performances or tracks into your finished project, whether they are vocals or you play an instrument. Many of our customers choose to sing or play on their own tracks. But if that's not for you, don't worry, we've got all the performance talent you need on our team.

For a single song or demo service, we offer several Song Packages to meet your needs, each package includes instruments, vocalists, help with arrangement, a dedicated producer, crisp professional mixing and final mastering. That makes things easy. Click HERE for package details

Or for more complex projects, you can choose each element individually or contact us for an album or full project quote. Prices shown are for each element if purchased separately (eg if you just need an amazing guitar part, or vocal track) or as an extra to one of our packages. Click HERE FOR SAMPLES OF OUR WORK

We make your music come to life. And our clients are thrilled with the results.




Watch Dublin Studio Hub at work 

For demo and song production we get everything we need from you, including your song ideas, lyrics, and other details. You select your instruments, the sound you are going for, and even send us reference tracks of other songs you like the sounds of, for our producers to get a flavor for what you want. Only when we understand your vision do we get to work, recording, re-recording, editing, comping, mixing, polishing, and some magic dust to bring your musical ideas to life. 

For us music is art, passion, and our life's work. So quality is everything. Some other song and demo production sites will rush through your song, just pumping you through like another customer. For us, every track is our craft, and we know for you a song is important. You want the best and that is what we strive to give every time. 

For albums, EPs, band work, or more complex projects - no problem! Contact us for a competitive quote.



The most cost effective and convenient way to use our service is to select one of our Dublin Studio Hub Song Packages. That way everything is in one price. Click HERE for package details & pricing


Then if you want any extras (e.g. live strings, or a second vocalist) on top of the package, you simply add the extra price shown beside the extra service.  For example, if you want the basic package, but also want a live brass section, just add the package to your order and also add the brass section to your order. You will pay the combined price. Select both into your cart and checkout. It's easy!

Or you can simply choose the elements you want, for example, you may want instead only a guitar and piano part for a project you are working on yourself. Simply add those two items to your cart and checkout. Many artists and clients who work on their own projects use us to get one element only of a song, and that's great. We're here to help you make music.

Remember, like most things you get what you pay for. Yes there are cheaper demo and song production services out there, but LISTEN to our samples before you decide. Our quality is absolutely TOP SHELF.  You can READ HERE why your demo needs to be super high quality.

Still confused about pricing? No problem, contact us HERE and discuss your needs and we can put together a special offer for you.



Get your songs on track

Get your songs on track

We get asked that a lot! It's for anyone from professional songwriters to beginners, anyone who wants to explore and enhance their gift of songwriting or performing. Got an idea for a hit song? Ever wanted to make music or a highly polished demo? We know it's a personal thing, and for many a big step to commission their first professional production of a musical idea. It can be exciting and fulfilling to hear for the first time professional musicians perform your own ideas, melodies, and harmonies. 

For some it's a personal journey, or a life long dream to start producing music from their songs. Some of our clients have had songs in drawers for years, others started writing only recently. Some are just starting out. All are passionate and want that Record Label sound on their own ideas. You don't have to be a professional musician, read or write music, or have any industry experience to use our service. 

Already in the industry? No problem we've got you covered. Our team have worked with some of the world's biggest names. Our talent all have other work and are professional players in big name bands, or regularly gig, produce, or perform. At Dublin Studio Hub our people and from the industry and know the industry. We've brought together some of Ireland's best producers and musicians. That's what you pay for, people who know how to make great music.  Who knows, with that kind of talent your song or record could be a hit!

Who is this service for? It's for you!



You do! We record our tracks on a work-for-hire basis. This means that by the end of the process, you own all of the rights to the recording. You are free to publish, reproduce or sell your song without our consent.



We're upfront with everything! There are no hidden fees or costs. We will send you the Multitracks when were done including the final mixed and mastered track.  Repeat business is important to us, we look after our clients and have been doing so for many many years. Our prices are easy to understand and are final - everything is recorded to the highest professional industry standards!



Working for Artists for over 20 years

Working for Artists for over 20 years

We don't just want your latest song. We want to work with you over the years as you develop your career. Like your own private recording and production team, and your own private studio. We'll get to know you, and help you develop. That's why we are different. For us, it's about you and your music. 

If we think an idea is heading the wrong direction, we'll tell you. If your song is not ready to record, or needs structural changes, we'll tell you. We want to make great music, we don't just charge you for a service. That's the ethos of our team and there is no bigger thrill for us than watching someone's talent, ability, and craft develop over the years working with us. That's why we are different.



It's simple. If you are not happy with anything we do just tell us. We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the finished track. We want you to be 100% satisfied.


Listen to Samples of our Work HERE