LISTEN TO OUR WORK - The making of "The Citizen"

Full Online Studio Recording of your Song or Demo

Full Online Studio Recording of your Song or Demo

At Dublin Studio Hub - our song and demo production is world class. Watch the Video below to see the Dublin Studio Hub song demo production process at work.

Songwriter and vocalist Morgan Mooney wrote this wonderful ballad "The Citizen" and brought it to the Dublin Studio Hub's Larry Hogan for production into a demo. Watch as the process unfolds. In this great video below Larry will talk you through the process for Dublin Studio Hub to produce your song. 

Now Watch the Dublin Studio Hub Demo Process....

Dublin Studio Hub founder Larry Hogan takes us through the process of recording "The Citizen" for Morgan Mooney.

...And now listen to the finished Song Demos

See and hear the difference between a basic acoustic demo and our deluxe demo package.

"The Citizen" - (c) Morgan Mooney - Acoustic Demo Version

"The Citizen" - (c) Morgan Mooney - Deluxe Demo Version