DSH Video Production Services

We live in a video age.... videos get noticed

We live in a video age.... videos get noticed

Dublin Studio Hub can provide high quality music video productions to signed and unsigned recording artists and customers.

Our unique videos can capture your performance, often live in the studio and then be combined with a crisp mix of your track, to make a highly professional finished performance video.

Session video production can sometimes be astronomically priced, but at Dublin Studio Hub we work with several partners and quality producers who offer very affordable rates. Professional video production from an incredibly low all inclusive €2000, right up to top shelf premium production. Contact us today about our video production services.


Video production starting from €2000 including a full studio session, a professional mix of your track, full video footage of the session and a synchronized performance video.  

All aspects of your video can be customized by you, videos shown here are to show quality.


Our producers and crew can craft for you an energized and innovative music video production that engages and excites your audiences. A video asset is incredibly powerful for sharing, posting, anchoring your website, or promoting your music, song, or band. Don’t underestimate the power of video.

We offer session video production services to both established recording artists and unsigned musicians of diverse musical genres who are looking to take their career to the next level and produce video content that attracts new fans while servicing their artistic vision. Trying to create your own music video and understanding editing software can be frustrating and give poor results; however when working with a professional producer, your fans will always see the quality.


Check out this great live performance from Pete Fagan. Recorded and filmed by Dublin Studio Hub in Windmill lane - Studio 1