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It doesn't come any better than Irish Talent. We are known for it the world over. DublinStudioHub is proud to be associated with our world class collection of Session Players. Our talented professional session players have worked with just about everyone, Van Morrision, U2, The Chieftans, Riverdance, Celtic Woman, The Corrs, to mention but a small few. We are talking top shelf.



Need a drum track? No problem. Need incredible guitars, world class keys, or rocking bass. Easy... plus we'll make sure you're 100% Satisfied. Add world class tracks to your next production and for a fraction of the price you would expect to pay when booking a large scale studio session. And all this can be done online.

Buy the services below separately - as you need them - or get them included at no extra charge in our song packages. If you are buying a package that includes an instrument, ignore the pricing. It's included! Click HERE for package details.


See some of our World Class Session Players in Action - recording Live and Old School 

Buying A Dublin Studio Hub Song Package?

Great News! Every Dublin Studio Hub song package includes many of the instrumental services above at no extra charge. Click HERE for package details


Just need an Instrument track on it's own? No problem!

Tracks from top shelf session musicians are our speciality. Send us a mix of your track , minus the instrument you would like us to record, plus any musical brief or idea or sketch for the part, and we will work with you to get the exact sound you want, recording in our top shelf Dublin Studios - and we'll send you back a professionally recorded instrument track, all ensuring you are 100% satisfied.

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Need some help? Why not contact one of our Dublin Studio Hub producers, we would be more than happy to discuss your project needs.

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