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Hi Larry and all at Dublin Studio hub

I think that this is very well done- nice job!  When you look back at where it began- raw lyrics and some melody- and to watch it transform is really very impressive.  You are quite a talented guy.  What a great service that Dublin Studio Hub provides- I wish you and your colleagues all the best.

Thank you very much


Working with Larry Hogan and his team at Dublin Studio Hub on "So Alive" has been an absolute pleasure. This was my first project with them and I can say that It was beyond my expectations. He was, and still is an amazing resource when it comes to collaborating ideas in a completely unbiased way on what might work well for a song or what the song doesn't need, or if you're on track. I think one of the most important and probably understated assets we can have as songwriters is that someone who will let us know when we may be a bit too "wordy" here or maybe the middle 8 could use some tweaking there. Not only that but then work with you the whole way until you end up with something amazing.

I also would like to thank Andy for doing such a fantastic job on the vocals for "So Alive". Really made that song come alive. Thanks

Troy A. Phillips


Testimonial from Ian Martyn - song "I can feel your Power"

I came in to contact with Larry Hogan and the Dublin Studio Hub just by the process of Googling recording studios.  A number of different studios came up in the search, so I read as much as possible about each of these. 

The song I had recently written was very precious to me and my song required the right protective environment and a trusting ambassador to help me nurture the careful building of the track, so the lyrics would shine out and the song stand right up where I wanted it to be.

On the DSH website Larry talks about getting the song to the 'eureka' moment. That's exactly what I was trying to do, get to the 'eureka' moment, so I thought 'well he says it so he will have to deliver this!'  This statement, along with the wonderful array of singers and musicians he has access to, with so much other information clearly laid out to read, looked very professional on the website, so I made the decision to contact Larry and begin discussions about how we may go about my precious song.

From the outset Larry was so easy to talk with. He has a comfortable way, but also showed a very sincere and professional interest in my project.  He obviously loves what he does, helping musicians and writers to strive to achieve the best potential from their song....

Larry listened, we discussed, then together we worked on the song, slowly building the basics of the track step by step, always making sure I was happy with every section. After the initial day of recording, Larry worked away on the track but always emailed each new addition for me to check, adjust if necessary, making sure I was always content. 

This process continued until we got to the stage of putting the actual vocal performance on the track. Larry has access to some wonderful vocalists.  I chose Simon, as I needed strong emotion, a powerful, mature and natural voice. Larry set this up and even a Skype with Simon before the recording so I could discuss how I wanted the song to be portrayed.   The result is clear for all to see.

My song'I Can Feel Your Power'  I knew was a beautiful ballad song, the meaningful words coming out of me through my own personal experiences. Simon took my description, my emotion and the story and has delivered the most outstanding vocal performance.

Talk about a 'eureka' moment, Larry and Simon delivered this in buckets.  They should be so proud.

The whole recording experience is a two way process. I had definite requirements how the song should be. Larry also has so much experience and is able to make very valid and creative contributions and ideas. I could work closely with Larry, push him on certain points, try out things to either keep or discard.

He listens, stays calm, is not egoistic.  He responds quickly to emails and Skypes if that is more appropriate. His main aim is that the client is totally happy and he has stood by that with me one hundred percent.

I see him more now as a friend, which will make it more fun when I go to him with my next song. Now this song will be a challenge !

Thank you Larry for the wonderful production and your fun way of working.

Simon, thank you for a beautiful and stunning performance


Ian Martyn

Testimonial from Les Callard - Songwriter

Hi Larry, I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to your are your team for the work we have done together.

I have been a songwriter now for many years, and have used various demo services for my collection, as you know. But the tracks I am most proud of are the ones I have done with Dublin Studio Hub.

I was trying to think about why this is, and then I realized, they were the ones where the recording truly captured the true emotions of the song. They are the ones that give me goosebumps when I listen to them again.

I cannot recommend your service highly enough to any aspiring songwriter, because I did not truly understand my own songs until they came to life in a quality recording. It is amazing what professional artists, and sound engineers can do for a track - all my expectations were exceeded on every project we did.

It's been awe inspiring to have my songs recorded professionally, I will value each one for a lifetime. 

Thanks for the amazing tracks! I look forward to many more,


Les Callard



Testimonial for Billy FarrelL - one of Dublin Studio Hubs Producers from Sharon Corr of the Corrs

"I love working with Billy - he is an amazing producer and arranger. He knows how to put you at ease and get the best out of you creatively - musically he is so in tune with your needs and the direction the music and song should take. He has worked with The Corrs for many years and produced my Solo album Dream of You - which was a wonderful experience.

I would more than highly recommend working with Billy - not only musically is it the best approach for you but he's also just a great guy and lots of fun!" 

Sharon Corr