String Quartet Multiple Overdubs


String Quartet Multiple Overdubs


A full live String Quartet (plus bass), but with multiple dubs (recordings of each part) to create the sound of a full live orchestral string section. Includes Double Bass. 

*String quartet with multiple overdubs for full string section sound.  "This is definitely the most budget conscious way to make your production sound expensive!"

Introducing the Dublin Studio Hub live String Quartet.

Get a real live quartet on your song or choose any combination of live strings to get the full string section sound you're after. Included in this package we will even write and arrange the string parts for you, if you need help coming up with the parts.

DSH Quartet (Multiple Overdubs) package include:

- Royalty-free license: use our tracks for any commercial purpose.

** Additional fee may apply to songs longer than 5 minutes.

Pricing shown here is to add a Full String Quartet and Bass with Multiple Overdubs to your Song package Project, or to purchase a standalone set of tracks of a String Quartet and Bass with Multiple Overdubs for your own project. 


Note: We also offer programmed strings which is an affordable option for most tracks, and can also add wonderful warmth to your track. Talk to your producer as sometime Programmed strings can be included as keyboard tracks and be in your package depending on your Genre.

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