Expert Programmed Drums


Expert Programmed Drums


For RnB or Pop or Dance music sometimes the answer is to use programmed drums rather than live drums. Programmed drums allow for perfect timing and quantization which may suit a track better. Your producer will have educated opinions as to what will sound best for your track. Your budget may also dictate your choice.

Expert Programmed Drums use the latest in high fidelity samples to give you an incredible live drum sound. In the hands of a professional few can tell the difference. All our programmed drum tracks are actually created by players with extensive live drumming experience, to ensure the realism is in the details.Micro adjustments to the programming can give all the feeling and nuance of a seasoned live drummer.

Live or expert Programmed Drums are available at no additional charge with the standard song demo and pro song demo package. Check our Package deals details HERE. The pricing shown here is for a standalone Expert Programmed Drum Track,

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Check out some Audio samples of our Expert Programmed Drums

Have a listen to Hub Customer Les Callard's track "Sweet Captured Bird" , there are two versions here

1. The scratch Vocal and Piano track before programming

2. The track after Drum, Percussion, Strings, Keyboard, and ambient elements were added.