Live Drums


Live Drums


Nothing changes a track more profoundly than the addition of live drums. Get your songs on track with our pro session drummers. We are experts at micing up a professional kit and getting you an awesome drum sound.

Get a live drums part up to 6 minutes long for your track. We will first consult with you on drum sound to get the right kit, snare, and drummer. We will also provide the stems individually for each microphone. Of course

Live or expert Programmed Drums are available at no additional charge with the standard song demo and pro song demo package. See our package deals HERE for details. Generally you will not need to purchase them here. The pricing shown here is for purchasing a standalone Live Drum Track.

Purchase Standalone Live Drum Track

Watch one of our DSH Drummers to his stuff

Our Drummers are some of the best in the world.

Check out some audio samples of our Dublin Studio Hub Drummers in action, don't worry if you don't hear the style you are after, with our amazing musicians we cover them all.

We can match a drummer and a kit to your style.

Live Rockin' Drums are a specialty for us at DSH.