Live or Programmed Strings

Live Strings

Get gorgeous live strings on your next production with the world class players of the Dublin Studio Hub String Section. Choose from violin, viola, cello, and double bass in whatever format you like, or choose one of the preset options below.

Live Violin
Live Viola
Live Cello
Double Bass

Let us arrange your Strings

If you do not have a string arrangement of your own you might like us to arrange your strings for you. We can provide this service with our top class DSH arrangers. 

All arrangements include access to printable score and parts which your musicians can use at a live performance of the song, in PDF format. Score also includes lead sheet with song chords and melody, for use by accompanist in a live setting. This is great when you get the opportunity to play your music live, as it’s all ready for your musicians.


You may not have a string arrangement of your own and would like us to arrange your strings for you. We like to get it right by finding out exactly what the client requires, so we will get in touch to discuss this with you. We can do arrangements from a single instrument, a 3 piece section, or right up to a full orchestra. Please CONTACT US to discuss your string requirements


Listen to your String Arrangement in MIDI format before you approve

We understand that something like a string arrangement, particularly a very complex one, can take a while to mold, When you hire us to arrange we will send you an MP3 of the arrangement using sampled strings for you to approve before we commit to recording musicians. 

It's important you are happy with the planned arrangement before we record. We want you to be 100% satisfied.


What do you need to send us?

Send us a mix of your track without strings, don't worry, or with ideas outlines if you Prefer. Don't worry our producers will be in touch to discuss the project once you make an order. We believe in communication with our clients.

Expert Programmed Strings - the more affordable option

We understand your budget may not stretch to hiring lots of musicians, in which case you may require some expert string programming.  In the right hands, today’s technology can provide incredibly realistic string sounds, at a fraction of the cost.


Still Confused about Strings?

We understand, so just contact us to discuss your project and what you need. It's a lot to take in if you haven't worked with strings before, but once you do, you will never look back and your tracks and songs will never sound the same. String are worth every penny. The pre-made packages above are just to make it easier for some of our clients to choose and price what they need, but we are very versatile and can match the needs of any project. We will tailor a string package and arrangement to your project and it will be very affordable. Talk to us.


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